Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Prayer based on 2 Timothy

Read this recently by a man called Ray Stedman. Adapted it a little to personalise it, but what a great summary prayer to an excellent commentary.

My Gracious Father,

I ask that you who have called me with a holy calling, have imparted to me the Holy Spirit, and given me your Holy Word, may keep me and make me to be faithful.

Give me the diligence of a farmer, the discipline of an athlete and the dedication of a soldier that will make me equal to the times in which I live.

Father grant that my eyes may be lifted above the common place obscurity of my every day life to the great things that lie beyond the invisible curtain and see myself living constantly in your presence, even in this hour.

Challenge my heart to be strong in the midst of weakness, and to be faithful in the midst of that which is false.

I ask in Jesus' name,

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